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Mother's Day Nominations

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Fair Maiden is actively seeking nominations for remarkable mothers. If you know of a woman in your life (she doesn't have to be your mother, she just needs to be a mother to qualify), we'd love to hear about her. Please submit your entries of what makes your candidate wonderful, brave, strong, beautiful, etc to fairmaidenpolish@gmail.com. 2 Winners will be selected in March, 2016. We will work with you closely on designing and naming a polish in her honor. Winner's stories will be shared via blog, with links to the blog made available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our Newsletter. A picture will be requested to help bring the story to life, but will not be necessary to enter. Winning entries will receive 2 complimentary polishes of their creation. Winner's polishes will be made available to the public for purchase in the shop in April.

All entries should be submitted to fairmaidenpolish@gmail.com with the subject line "Mother's Day Polish." The deadline for entry is February 29, 2016.


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