Trio Two Full Collection
Trio Two Full Collection

Trio Two Full Collection

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Reminiscent of a fuchsite crystal and the creamy goodness of a mouthwatering spinach soufflé, this ravishing color is a fine blend of a grassy-green base with an oceanic blue shimmer. Your glance turns into a stare as the pretty and soft pink, orange, and yellow iridescent flakes shift with every glare of light. 


Like an artistic museum painting, you’re wandering in spring through a field of flowers in bloom. As you come across a bouquet of delightful orchids, one finely picked off the vine is like this lustrous neon pink hue. With every brushstroke, you can’t help but notice the shift of shimmering orange and gold tones throughout this radiant shade.


In a garden of blossoming flowers, there’s a beauty that unfolds in the embodiment of a stunning shade of red and orange fused into one. Behind the cultivation of a flaming and fiery color is the brewing force of pink shimmer emblazoned atop of this spicy pigment. Combined, you’re taken aback by the loveliness it possesses.

  • Fair Maiden’s 5-Free Guarantee (Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Camphor, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin)  
  • 15ml (½ oz) bottle      
  • Full coverage in 2-3 coats
  • Hand-mixed, poured, bottled and, labeled  
  • New easy-to-use, round tip flat brush provides a precise application with only a few brush strokes   
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