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Custom Nail Polish

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Create your own custom nail polish!  Perfect gifts for friends, events, groups or spoiling yourself.  You choose the elements and effects and our designers will curate your very own custom polish!  Polish comes complete in our classic 15ml round bottle with black matte cap and fan application brush.  Each bottle is hand mixed, poured and labeled with the custom name of your choice, Fair Maiden branding, and boxed with your name label on top of the box.

Things to keep in mind:

Linear holos will gray your polish a touch

Lighter polishes often require white lightening agent which can dull the effects slightly

Aurora and multichrome pigment transitions are stated as observed in dry form.  Adding to various colors along with other effect pigments could change their shift, or bring out a strong dominant color in the shift.  

Too many effect options selected could create light/color confusion and the end result could be disappointing.  

Polishes heavy with effects are often left on the thinner side to ensure the maximum effect exposure.  Most polishes should build nicely in 3 coats.

The more units you buy of your custom, the more you save!

1-2: $25 each

3-8: $20 each

8-11: $15 each

12+: $12 each

Please allow 3-10 business days to create your custom.